Gel - Builder in a Bottle

BUILDER IN A BOTTLE is a durable protective overlay for the natural nail. It will provide strength & support for the client who wishes to grow her natural nails.
It provides an ease of application, for the customer who is pressed for time
BUILDER IN A BOTTLE is user friendly. ONLY 1 layer will offer sufficient strength & support in the case of a natural nail overlay. It is very important to always bear in mind that the strength is due to the sophisticated balance of properties BUILT INTO the BUILDER IN A BOTTLE formula.
It has excellent adhesive qualities and because of this LIFTING will be is a thing of the past! No need to soak, just regular fills & maintenance.
BUILDER IN A BOTTLE self- levels beautifully.
It has primarily been developed for use as an overlay over natural nails. However due to it’s built -in strength, it is suitable over forms & tips for the client requiring short extensions.

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